In-Person Workshops

Hungry for Success Live and in-Person

Workshops are offered in Columbus, Ohio, and are targeted toward those who love food, but not so much the food drama. Each workshop starts with a kitchen-based success skill for streamlining meal planning and food preparation to maximize nutrition and great taste, minimize waste, and give you practical skills to create efficient, easy, portable meal options. You’ll learn how to make amazing packable breakfasts, lunches and snacks that will save you time and money, and leave you feeling vibrant, energetic, and wealthy, with all of the money you’ll save over picking up that stale sandwich from the deli. Plus, you’ll take home a useful gift, every session. In each workshop, after enjoying some kitchen skills comraderie around the table, we will delve into a thought-provoking topic related to healing overeating or developing strategic life skills to help you make the most of every day. The power of the group lies in outrageous fun and connection. Getting away from it all to focus on your own well-being and growth is your gift to yourself! Both group discounts and health care provider discounts are available for all of our workshops. Click the button below receive registration details and additional information when they become available.

Private Coaching

Individual: $1499.00 per 8-week program, which includes 2 personal conferences per week plus customized program, materials and additional in-person skills workshop, if desired. For those who wish to maximize their learning and develop a personalized skill set for building a deliberate life free from burnout, self-sabotage, overeating, dieting and weight struggles, or other wellness-related issue. Private coaching allows you to tailor a program just for you! Start making progress and live the life that you know is possible through an individualized, confidential, coaching program with Dr. Paige. Sessions can be conducted via Skype/VSee, phone, or in person. Click the sign up button below to tell me more about your needs, and we’ll see if you and I are a good fit for coaching. Discounts available for health care providers and existing clients.

Group Sessions: Want to design a group workshop series tailored to your small group on a strategic wellness-related topic of your choice? Click the sign up button below and let me know what’s on your mind.