The Mission: Healing Overeating



Our Mission

  • To help clients end overeating, using powerful, life-changing tools and methods from eating, success, and coaching psychology.
  • To provide skills and strategies that enable clients to create a deliberate, satisfying, self-directed life.
  • To create curricula and continuing medical and health education materials that empower health care providers to have maximum positive impact in guiding patients toward their healthiest lives.
  • To promote compassionate care, highlight resources and experts, and change the conversation about weight and wellness among individuals, clinicians, and policy makers worldwide.

About Dr. Paige

As a licensed, board certified (and now retired) pediatrician, I practiced medicine (both in private practice and as a NICU hospitalist) and worked in medical student education prior to taking a break to raise my children. During that hiatus, I devoted a great deal of time to furthering my professional education. I studied the psychology of eating, coaching and success psychology, and Lifestyle Medicine strategies for success in overcoming the eating and weight struggles that had plagued many of my young patients (and their parents). This research was deeply personal to me, both as an advocate for children and as a person who endured 30-plus years of yo-yo dieting and food-and-eating-related misery, starting before age 10.

When I returned to professional activity, I decided to devote myself full-time to coaching and educational pursuits, hoping to help large numbers of patients by providing training and support to the physicians and health care providers who care for them. I received my training and certification in coaching psychology and evidence-based coaching practices with the amazing people at Wellcoaches®. I was also incredibly fortunate to train with Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., co-author of the book, Intuitive Eating, on how to help clients overcome overeating and restrictive dieting, heal their relationship with food, and end their weight struggles. Deliberate Life Wellness LLC, is my coaching and medical education initiative, whose mission is to promote compassionate care, highlight resources and experts, and change the conversation about weight and wellness among individuals, clinicians, and policy makers worldwide.

My favorite part of practicing medicine was the mutual respect and collaboration that I shared with my patients and their families. My favorite part about teaching medical students and residents was seeing their confidence and enthusiasm grow as they learned skills and techniques that would make them more effective in helping their patients heal and thrive.  Wellness coaching combined with medical education is my dream job, because it is based upon those values. As a coach, I know that each client’s vision for his or her best life is possible through deliberate, individualized design and strategic implementation of that design. I love the collaborative energy and the upward spiral of growth and confidence that great coaching facilitates with motivated clients. As an educator, I know that by extending their clinical training to include proven success strategies, specifically focused on wellness behaviors, clinicians enhance their ability to empower their patients toward sustainable, improved health outcomes. If you feel that my background and skill set could be a good fit for you or your institution, please contact me today by clicking the link below or

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