A Habit Worth Breaking - Putting Yourself Last

Photo by Soft_Light/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Soft_Light/iStock / Getty Images

Many of my clients who struggle with overeating are high achievers who put themselves last. That’s a big part of the reason that they overeat. They are using food and the act of eating as a means to care for themselves.

Many of these same people run successful businesses, raise happy, well-adjusted children (no small feat), and seem to have it all together.

But they don’t feel that they have it all together. They focus on the fat around their middle, or their double chin, or their closet full of clothes that don’t fit, and use this as proof that they are failing, despite all of the evidence to the contrary in their lives. They usually do not recognize that the fat around their middle, or their double chin, or their overstuffed closet full of too-small clothing indicates that they need to be more considerate of and kind to themselves, rather than less so.

You see, many high-achievers became successful by learning to please everyone around them. They create magic for their shareholders, clients, CEO’s, professors, and families every day. It’s just that they forget to reserve some of that vision, planning and flawless execution for themselves.

You don’t need to change everything about how you set priorities in your life in order to create improvement. Small changes and the occasional check-in to see whether you are "doing right" by you while you are making magic happen for those around you can make a huge difference in the way you experience your life. Awareness is the first step toward change.

What magic could you create in your life if you stopped putting yourself last?

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