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It's 3-o'clock. Do you Know Where your Feelings are?

Many people who struggle with overeating and "weight" concerns do not realize that the feelings (acknowledged or unacknowledged) that we experience at 3-o'clock can have an impact hours later... driving even the most motivated of us to the refrigerator for comfort.

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Are you ready to declare your independence from overeating?

Many of us are tired of being full. We are tired of harsh self-criticism, dissatisfaction with our bodies, and skepticism that we will ever be able to overcome our tendency to overeat and the powerlessness that we feel over food. You can learn the skills you need to end overeating and love yourself to better health. And it all starts with a daily practice of awareness and self-kindness.

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Changing the Conversation…

From a quick check of the mainstream medical literature, the “War on Obesity” appears to be in full swing. The alarm is audible everywhere, at our medical conferences, in our offices and hospitals, from government leaders, within our schools, and for many of us, within our own households. We, as health care providers, are trained to believe that fat is the enemy, and that, beyond a certain BMI, we must recommend weight loss (or at least maintenance of a stable weight during periods of growth) in order to promote health. Our training is so focused on outcomes (e.g. weight and BMI) as indicators of health, that we actually feel progressive when we focus on “healthy lifestyle choices,” rather than on simply eradicating fat through weight loss.

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