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5 Ways to Outsmart Overeating this Winter

For chronic dieters and people who struggle with overeating, January can be a challenge. After the busy holiday season, leftover treats and "comfort foods" are everywhere. Many of us felt deprived when we abstained from the holiday buffet and guilty when we did indulge, leaving us more confused than ever about what to do next with our eating. After years -- or even decades -- of engaging in an annual cycle of deprivation, overeating and remorse (along with a few pounds of winter weight gain) mentally preparing ourselves for a new year and a new approach can make us feel like the Thanksgiving turkey: stuffed but unsatisfied.

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It's 3-o'clock. Do you Know Where your Feelings are?

Many people who struggle with overeating and "weight" concerns do not realize that the feelings (acknowledged or unacknowledged) that we experience at 3-o'clock can have an impact hours later... driving even the most motivated of us to the refrigerator for comfort.

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