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Life Skills for Overeaters
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Life Skills for Overeaters

A 6-session introductory course focused on overcoming overeating and creating a deliberate, meaningful life that reflects your true potential. In this course, we cover the why’s of overeating, how to get unstuck and turn your life from a reactive one into the one you choose, and how to implement constructive, powerful thinking, self-talk, and behaviors that create happiness, independence, and success.

  • 6 weekly 1-hour online sessions
  • Worksheets to enhance healing and practice new skills
  • Access to recordings of past sessions
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Dysregulated Eating 101 for Doctors, Wellness Coaches and Health Professionals
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Dysregulated Eating 101 for Doctors, Wellness Coaches and Health Professionals
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A 2 session course focused on understanding dysregulated eating -- offered in 2 digestible 60-minute segments during your lunch hour.

  • Why patients overeat
  • Why patients eat when not hungry and fail to stop at enough
  • Common Personality Traits & Life Skills deficits of overeaters
  • How to start the conversation about weight, weight-loss, and overeating
  • The Wellness Skill Set
  • Referrals and resources to help patients make progress between medical visits

Award-Winning Companion Text: Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating: Psychological Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Providers, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.

The 2-session class at a celebratory discount!

  • February 2018 class has been postponed

  • Email to be informed when registration opens for the next health class.
  • Classes will be recorded for those unable to attend the live training.